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As we age, hormonal deficiencies and imbalances are common and can affect how we feel about sex as well as our ability to have rewarding sex.After the age of 25, a man’s testosterone level begins to decrease and will continue to gradually decline for the rest of his life. Testosterone deficiency in men leads to andropause, the “male menopause.” Andropause can cause fatigue, brain fog, depression, loss of muscle mass and libido, erectile dysfunction and irritability.Obstet Gynecol 70(4):538, 1987 More Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I want to take a moment on behalf of myself and the entire med Age team to thank you for being our patient!It is our pleasure to offer you the latest in health and beauty!It also showed that women on HRT had a skin collagen content that was 48% higher than that of women who were not on HRT!That is why women on estrogen therapy tend to have younger looking skin.At med Age®, we test your testosterone levels and customize your treatment by prescribing topical, injectable or implanted bio-identical testosterone if needed.

Ref: Brincat M, Yuen AW, Studd JW, et al: Response of skin thickness and metacarpal index to estradiol therapy in postmenopausal women.

Your sweat number is unique and tells you precisely how much sodium you lose when you’re training or competing.

We’ve partnered with Precision Hydration to offer their exercise-free, non-invasive Advanced Sweat Test for athletes who want to personalize their hydration strategy.

I take 5000IU of D3 daily for maintenance of healthy serum levels.

More Recently a friend of mine who is a makeup artist in Los Angeles, boarded a flight for Australia after a grueling 20 day shoot. She had one glass of red wine and slept the entire 15 hour flight to Sydney. The blood clot broke loose and traveled to her lungs.

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In fact, men and women have the same hormones, just in different amounts.

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