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Yusuke specializes primarily in physical attacks, much like Ryuji; although he's not as tanky, his stats are far more balanced. His Persona is the Emperor Arcana's Goemon - Ishikawa Goemon, a real world ninja who would steal from the rich to give to the poor in 16th century Japan.After a failed assassination on a civil war-era warlord, Goemon and his son were executed.Though of an age to be starting high school, due to an incident in her recent past she has become an anti-social shut-in and hasn't attended classes since her middle school graduation.After she joins the team, she plays a critical role as their hacker and technology buff.Futaba eventually replaces Morgana as the team's Mission Control.

To add insult to injury, the bows and arrows were accidentally thrown into the sea and lost forever.

L'Empereur (The Emperor) Persona: Goemon, Kamu Susano-o Weapons: Japanese-style swords and assault rifles Arcana Bonus: Skill Card duplication.

Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (JP), Matthew Mercer (EN)A student attending Kosei Public High School on an art scholarship and live-in disciple to a local painter named Madarame.

Persona Goemon is dressed in exaggerated classical Japanese attire, complete with massive sandals and garish robes.

Yusuke's ultimate Persona is Kamu Susano-o, god of storms and the seas in classical Japanese Mythology.

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Makoto is a straight-laced honor student who can't be compromised with...

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History of Auricular Confession and the 'Sacrament of Confession' 09/04/13) The COG considers repentance and confession to God necessary for Christians. Every discussion of revelation notes that revelation ended when the last apostle died. Catholicism and fundamentalism: the attack on "Romanism" by "Bible Christians." Ignatius Press, 1988, p. [Correct] traditions..right and decent standards derived from biblical principles (Mc Nair R. This is a major difference between the COG and the Roman Catholics (an article of possible interest may be Tradition and the Bible). Another division has been adopted by the English and Helvetian Protestant churches on the authority of Philo Judæus, Josephus, Origen, and others, whereby two Commandments are made to cover the matter of worship, and thus the numbering of the rest is advanced one higher; and the Tenth embraces both the Ninth and Tenth of the Catholic division. 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