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Seo woo

For websites (particularly ecommerce stores) design is everything.What's more is that each of the themes have unique variations.Unfortunately, the price tags on the premium ones go as high as 0. Some Shopify users who have designed a site themselves have later complained of looking a little too similar to other websites. And even better, they do offer a Theme editor within the platform that you can use for customization.You can choose to hide sections within the theme editor without removing them.

This means that, in most cases, you are able to select any Word Press theme that you like, and still make it work together with Woo Commerce.

Hidden sections will still be customisable in the theme editor but not visible on the store front-end.

This allows you to start sections for future releases and remove the need for theme duplications ( a common issue most developers face with Word Press).

However, you will also come across themes that have been built with Woo Commerce in mind from the get-go and are tailor-made to make all your product/service listings look great.

If the design of the e Commerce store itself is particularly important to you, you should look for themes that are specifically made for Woo Commerce.

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They have a fashionably sleek and clean aesthetic, which makes it perfect for modern, forward-thinking websites.

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