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In order to do this, each process tries to update some rows so table or not.

The query to claim a set of rows for a process needs to update the ten highest-priority unclaimed rows for eligible clients.

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Since it needs to access more than one table, and needs to order and limit the results, at first it seems you can’t do this query at all, because -- @process_id is actually passed in as a parameter -- set @process_id = 17603; update work_to_do set processor = @process_id where processor = 0 and client in (select client from eligible_client) order by priority desc limit 10 the query completes in a 0.13 seconds, but with 5,000 the correlated subquery becomes a real performance problem; it takes 9.8 seconds, which is very slow for this machine. To eliminate the badly optimized subquery, you need to rewrite the subquery as a join, but how can you do that and retain the update work_to_do as target inner join ( select w.

client, work_unit from work_to_do as w inner join eligible_client as e on e.client = w.client where processor = 0 order by priority desc limit 10 ) as source on source.client = target.client and source.work_unit = target.work_unit set processor = @process_id; table.

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