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Updating multiple rows in sql server

With a 100 columns, you mostly likely have a design problem... also, there are mitigating methods in client tools (eg generation UPDATE statements) or by using ORMs If you need to re-type this several times, you can do like I did once. Sleek Conditional Update Updating a Table - What is best way to add/update, keeping performance in mind?I have a Table Products with a Trigger to create a record on each update made to Products (something like a Log). TOT_COST 2.000 from DBRMAST T1 inner join DBRMAST t2 on t2. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

I have a stored procedure that is responsible for inserting or updating multiple records at once.Get your columns` names into rows in excel sheet (write down at the end of each column name (=) which is easy in notepad ) on the right side make a column to copy and paste your value that will correspond to the new entries at each column. Then on the right of them in an independent column put the commas as designed Then you will have to copy your values into the middle column each time then just paste then and run I do not know an easier solution update T1 set T1. Driver from ( select top 1 Top Speed, Time Sent, Driver from Car Data where Car Data. The Car Data table contains all the detailed car data like speed and position etc.

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